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Hair Transplantation Centre

C/o New Hair Clinic, Australia

Natural Hair Transplant is one of the most effective methods of treating male-pattern balding. A revolutionary technique now available in Malaysia through the New Hair Clinic at the Damai Service Hospital (HQ) Kuala Lumpur.

Through an International Affiliation Program, DSH (HQ) is proud to bring the “Know-how” or hair transplant technology practiced by one of the best Hair Transplant Surgeons in the world- Dr Jennifer Martinick from New Hair Clinic, Australia.

“ Single Hair Transplant Technology can literally transform your bald patch into a full head of hair” -quoted by one of the world leading experts in this field, Dr Jennifer Martinick.

For those who desire undergoing this treatment in Australia, they now have the option to get comprehensive advice from DSH Hair Clinic and schedule a time for their procedure. DSH Hair Clinic follows the package fees scheme used at New Hair Clinic, where all prices are known in advance of the treatment. Hence there are no hidden costs.

The method involves transplanting living growing hair follicles from the rim area of the scalp onto the bald patches. Most men who suffer from male-pattern baldness usually become bald at the frontal, temple and vertex of the scalp.

Clinic Hours

MONDAY- FRIDAY: 9 AM to 5 PM (By appointment)
SATURDAY: 9AM-1PM (By appointment)


Tel: +603-4043 4900, Ext: 782





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