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A Guide to Accident
& Emergency situations 

Our Accident & Emergency (A&E) Patient's Guide serves as a comprehensive resource to help you understand what to expect when you or a loved one needs urgent medical care.

Accident and Emergency’ cases are usually divided into three categories in most hospitals. Likewise, Damai Service Hospital also classifies emergency cases within the following three categories ; non – critical patients, semi – critical patients and extremely critical cases. The hospital is able to handle non – critical as well as semi – critical patients under most circumstances. Patients whose conditions are not able to be handled by our team of doctors, will be referred to larger hospitals for treatment.

Accident & Emergency Guide

The flowchart below will give patients an idea of the procedures involved in Accident and Emergency admissions.


*Defined as patients who are conscious, alert and suffering from no severe pain. Their airway is also secure and they are hemodynamically stable*

Some Possible Circumstances:

(a) Minor Sprains / Fractures

(b) Insect Bites (without major anaphylaxis)

(c) Minor Abdominal Pain

(d) Rashes

(e) Vomiting

 (f) High Fever

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