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Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Comprehensive care for women, including pregnancy, childbirth, and conditions of the female reproductive system.

Under the leadership of Dato' Dr. Guna Sittampalam & Datuk Dr. Mahes Sithampalam our Obstetrics & Gynaecology department is devoted to providing comprehensive and personalized care for women at all stages of life. From prenatal and postnatal care to menopause management, our department offers a full spectrum of services to address women's health needs. We also provide care for gynaecological conditions, offering preventative, diagnostic, and therapeutic services for disorders of the female reproductive system. We work closely with each patient, ensuring a warm, understanding and respectful environment for all women.

Comprehensive service

  • Women Health Services
    Cancer Screenings (Breast, Cervical and other Gynaecological Cancers), Contraception, Diagnosis and Treatment of STDs, Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases Related to Womens' Reproductive Organs, Hormonal Issues & Menopause.

  • Pregnancy Care
    Pre - Pregnancy Planning and Counselling, Pre - Natal Care, Ante - Natal Care & Post - Partum Care

  • Surgical Procedures
    Caesarean Deliveries, Cystectomies, Dilation and Cuterrage, Hysterectomies, Laparoscopies, 
    Myomectomies & Pelvic Floor Repair

  • Speciality Procedures
    Fertility Screening and Counselling, Assisted Reproductive Techniques (IUI, IVF, ICSI) & Pre - Implantation Genetic Testing


Our facilities ensure safe procedures & patient's wellbeing:

  • Ultrasound

    • used for medical diagnostics, including prenatal care to monitor the development of a fetus, as well as to evaluate organs, blood flow, and tissues for abnormalities.

  • Cardiotocograph

    • used in maternity wards and clinics to assess the well-being of the fetus and to help guide decisions during labor and delivery.

IVF Facilities

Our facilities ensure safe procedure & patient's wellbeing:

  • Laminar Hood

    • used in laboratories for tasks requiring a contamination-free space, such as cell culture, microbiological research, or pharmaceutical preparations.

PCOS Awareness Programme

Includes consultation, vaginal ultrasound and counselling

RM 138

In - Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Includes consultation, ultrasound, all IVF medication, surgical fees, laboratory fees, ICSI procedure and freezing blastocysts

RM 15,088

Frozen Embryo Transfer

RM 3000

Pre-implantation Genetic Screening

RM 3500 (per PGS) | 4 PGS is RM 12,500

Our Specialist



Obstetrics & Gynaecologist

FAM (M'sia) | MBBS (Calcutta)

M.Med (S'pore), FRCOG (Lond)


MMC: 20581     NSR: 124824



​Obstetrics & Gynaecologist

AM (Mal) | MBBS FRCOG (Lond)

Cert in Asst. Rep. (Australia)

MMC: 28098    NSR: 124802



​Obstetrics & Gynaecologist

MD (USM, M'sia)

M.Med (O&G) (USM, M'sia)

MMC: 40145    NSR: 133344

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