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Specialises in providing pain relief during and after surgical procedures, and managing critical care

Our hospital's Anaesthesiology Department stands at the forefront of patient care and safety. Combining advanced technology with a dedicated team of professionals, we strive to deliver comprehensive anaesthetic services to ensure comfort and optimum outcomes for all our patients.

Comprehensive Anaesthetic Services

  • General Anaesthesia: Administered to ensure patients are unconscious and free from pain during surgeries or procedures.

  • Regional Anaesthesia: Targeted anaesthesia that numbs a larger part of the body, commonly used for procedures on limbs or during childbirth.

  • Local Anaesthesia: Localised numbing for minor procedures without the need for full sedation.

  • Sedation: Administered for relaxation and comfort during certain procedures that don't require full anaesthesia.

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On-Call Specialists

Recognizing the unpredictability of surgical and medical needs, our Anaesthesiology Department offers an on-call service. Whether it's an unplanned surgical procedure or a sudden need for pain management, our anaesthesiologists are always ready to provide their expertise, even beyond standard operating hours.

Departments and Facilities

Our facilities ensure safe administration and monitoring of anaesthesia:

  • Anaesthesia Workstations: Modern and sophisticated machines equipped to deliver precise amounts of anaesthesia.

  • Patient Monitoring Systems: Continuous monitoring of vital parameters during surgery to ensure patient safety.

  • Recovery Rooms: Dedicated spaces where patients are closely monitored as they recover from anaesthesia, ensuring they awaken comfortably and safely.

Our Specialist




MBBS (Aust)

(Uni of Tasmania)

Doctor of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care (from 2013) UKM

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