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Vision, Mission
Goals & Values

Damai Service Hospital’s vision, mission and goals are centred around the theme of providing quality healthcare at affordable prices.


Our Values

Damai Service Hospital (DSH) places immense value on its guiding principles which are strategically oriented towards "Workforce," "Innovation," and "Growth." These values serve as the institution's compass, directing its actions and decisions towards its vision and mission.

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"Workforce" emphasizes the importance of our people. DSH recognizes its staff as its most valuable asset. The hospital is committed to fostering an environment that promotes professional growth, respects diversity, and encourages cooperation. The goal is to cultivate a team that delivers excellent healthcare with a human touch, reflecting our dedication to both our patients and our employees.

"Innovation" underscores DSH's commitment to stay at the forefront of medical technology and healthcare practices. It is the driving force behind the hospital's constant evolution to provide the best possible patient care. DSH believes in leveraging innovative technologies, methodologies, and strategies to improve its services and patient outcomes. It fosters a culture of creativity and continuous learning to stay ahead in the ever-evolving field of healthcare.

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"Growth' represents DSH's commitment to continuously evolve and expand its reach. The hospital is dedicated to increasing its capacity, improving its services, and expanding its footprint in order to serve more patients in its community. This commitment is seen in DSH's ongoing investments in infrastructure, technology, and personnel training. Growth also embodies the hospital's dedication to personal and professional development, ensuring that every member of the staff has opportunities to grow alongside the hospital.

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