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A Guide to
Outpatient Admissions

Navigating Your Journey to Health. This guide covers the key stages of registration, briefing, assessment, and verification to ensure a smooth and hassle-free outpatient admission process.


New Outpatient Guide

The following process flow serves as a guide for new outpatients (i.e., patients with no previous records in the hospital) to understand the various steps involved in their healthcare journey at Damai Service Hospital (HQ).

Initial Check-In & Registration at Damai Service Hospital (HQ)

Upon arrival at Damai Service Hospital (HQ), patients are to check-in at the reception on the Ground Floor. Here, they will be requested to fill out a Registration Form and present valid identification documents for verification - this includes IC for local residents and passports for foreign visitors.


Follow-up Outpatient Guide

The process flow presented below is designed as a guide for follow-up outpatients, that is, outpatients with pre-existing records at Damai Service Hospital (HQ).

Initial Check-In at Damai Service Hospital (HQ)

Upon arrival at the Ground Floor Reception of Damai Service Hospital (HQ), staff members will confirm patient details and check for any pending payments in the patient's account using the 'HMS' system.

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