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General Surgery

Manages a wide range of surgical procedures, primarily involving the abdomen, skin, and soft tissues.

Led by Dr. LC Tan and Dr. Umaparan, our General Surgery department conducting a wide array of surgical procedures, from minor outpatient surgeries to complex operations. We handle diverse cases such as appendectomies, gallbladder removals, hernia repairs, and more, always prioritising patient safety and aiming for optimal recovery.

Comprehensive services

  • Head and Neck Conditions: Benign Thyroid and Parathyroid Nodules, Excision of Scalp Pyogenic Granuloma Cyst & Excision of Scalp Nodule

  • Breast Conditions: Excision of Breast Lump (Cancerous and Non – Cancerous) & Mastectomy

  • Lymphatic System Conditions: Excision of Lymph Nodes (Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy / Axillary Lymph Node Dissection)

  • Abdominal Conditions: Appendectomy (for Appendicitis), Hernioplasty (for Hernia Treatment) & Laparoscopy

  • Oesophageal and Stomach Conditions:
    Gastroscopy / Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (Screening for presence of medical conditions such as Stomach Ulcers and Gastritis) 

  • Biliary Tree ConditionsBenign Biliary Strictures, Cholecystectomy (Removal of Gall Bladder) & Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography (ERCP for Diagnosis and Treatment of Problems in Gallbladder / Bile Ducts or Pancreas)

  • Colon and Rectal Conditions: Anal Fissure Treatment (Fistulectomy / Lateral Sphincterotomy), Diverticulitis Treatment & Piles Treatment (Haemorrhoidectomy)

  • Urological Conditions: Diagnosis and Treatment for Bladder Control Issues / Bladder Stones (Cystoscopy) & Ureteric Removal of Bladder Stones

  • Skin / Dermatological Conditions: Excision of Keloids or Lipoma, Excision of Sebaceous Cysts & Removal or Warts


Our facilities ensure safe surgeries & patient's wellbeing:

  • Operation Theatre: Machines equipped to deliver precise amounts of anesthesia.

  • Patient Monitoring Systems: Continuous monitoring of vital parameters during surgery to ensure patient safety.

  • Recovery Rooms: Dedicated spaces where patients are closely monitored as they recover from anaesthesia, ensuring they awaken comfortably and safely.

  • Endoscopy Suite: Machines including 4k Olympus Endoscopy system for high definition visuals all aimed at enhancing surgical precision and patient safety.

Our Specialist



General Surgeon

Pharm (USM, M'sia)

MD (Andalas, Indon)

MS (Gen. Surgery) UKM M'sia

MMC: 30583     NSR: 126464



General Surgeon

MBBS, (UM, M'sia)

MS (Gen. Surgery) UM M'sia

Msc (clinical edu) Edinburgh

MMC: 40101    NSR: 130668

Oesophagogastroduodenoscopy (OGDS)

Upper Gastro - Intestinal Endoscopy

RM 1100++


Endoscopic Examination of Colon and Rectum

RM 1500++


Other service packages available under request

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