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Accident & Emergency Department 

Providing round-the-clock care, our Accident & Emergency department is equipped to handle urgent medical situations. From sudden illnesses to critical injuries, our dedicated team ensures immediate and competent care.

24/7 Emergency Care

Emergencies don't follow a timetable. That's why our hospital is staffed and prepared to handle emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With medical officers always on duty, we ensure that most emergencies are addressed promptly, offering the necessary medical intervention to stabilize and treat patients.

On-Call Specialists

Understanding that medical needs can arise unexpectedly, we offer an on-call service for all secondary specialists. Should you require specialist care outside regular office hours, our team is ready to assist, ensuring you receive the comprehensive treatment you need, when you need it.

Departments and Facilities

  • Resuscitation Zone: Dedicated to those in critical condition, our resuscitation zone is equipped with modern medical technologies and staffed by experienced medical professionals trained to act swiftly and effectively in emergencies.

  • Medical Officers' Office: Our medical officers are available 24/7 to oversee and provide prompt medical care. They are trained to handle a variety of medical scenarios and are the first point of contact for emergencies.

  • Treatment Room: Our treatment rooms are designed to offer a calm, sterile environment where patients receive medical care, be it routine treatments or urgent interventions.

  • Asthma Bay: Recognizing the increasing prevalence of respiratory issues and the urgent nature of asthma attacks, our dedicated Asthma Bay ensures immediate attention and care for patients experiencing respiratory difficulties.

Our Medical Officers

Dr Roshita Hj Omar


Medical Officer

MD (Leuven, Belgium)



Medical Officer

MD (KSMU, Russia)

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