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Community Involvement

Besides providing quality healthcare to the public through a variety of services offered at the hospital, Damai Service Hospital also takes pride in being actively involved in the community. It conducts regular community outreach programmes (for the general public) as well as corporate activities (for companies).

Community Outreach

Community Outreach Programmes

Besides being a provider of value added clinical and surgical services to the public, Damai Service Hospital also prides itself in being involved in various community outreach programmes such as ‘Blood Donation Drives’ and ‘Health Camps’ on an annual basis.

Blood Donation Drives

The staff at Damai Service Hospital are regularly involved in donating their blood to the National Blood Centre, which will thereafter supply blood to various other hospitals. The ‘Blood Donation Drives’ are something which staff look forward to on an annual basis.

Health Camps

Damai Service Hospital also conducts regular ‘Health Camps’ in various constituencies around Kuala Lumpur. During these ‘Health Camps’ the public can look forward to health screenings (to check for any abnormalities in their vital statistics such as blood pressure and sugar levels etc), advise and consultation from a team of qualified nurses and medical officers. This initiative is aimed towards reaching out to the less privileged community and helping them keep their health in check.

Community Outreach

Corporate Activities

Besides conducting community outreach programmes, Damai Service Hospital (DSH) has also reached out to the corporate communities and continues to do so through various initiatives. Customized ‘Corporate Health Screenings’, ‘Specialist Health Seminars’ and  providing consulting services on ‘Healthcare Management’ are just some of these initiatives.

Customized Corporate Health Screenings

Damai Service Hospital (DSH) has collaborated with several companies to provide customized health screening packages for their employees. The Health Screening Unit at DSH has customized health screening packages which caters to the needs of employees whilst keeping within the budget allocated by the company. 

Together with the screenings which measure important health indicators, health awareness talks by in – house doctors (on diet and nutrition, avoiding common ailments etc) have also been conducted several times. This initiative is ongoing and has benefitted many employers and employees.

Health Seminars

Damai Service Hospital also periodically organizes various ‘Specialist Health Seminars’ on subjects such as :

– Longevity and avoidance of age related illnesses
– Treating chronic conditions such as arthritis or diabetes
– New trends in medicine and surgery
– Mental health issues

These health seminars are conducted by our team of Specialist Doctors and is aimed at sharing best practices and learning from one another. Healthcare professionals from other hospitals and companies usually attend these seminars which also function as a good networking session.

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