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Men's Health

Dedicated to men’s health issues across lifespan, including prostate health, fertility, and hormonal conditions.

Under the guidance of Dr. Ismail Tambi, our Men's Health department provides comprehensive care for specific health issues affecting men. We offer individualised care plans for conditions such as erectile dysfunction, fertility issues, and Tumors / Growths in Organs such as Prostates and Testicles, aiming to optimise men's health and overall wellbeing.

Comprehensive services

  • Issues with Male Reproductive System
    Assessment Diagnosis and Treatment of

    (a) Ejaculatory Disturbances
    (b) Erectile Dysfunction
    (c) Hypogonadism
    (d) Penile Deformity
    (e) Tumors / Growths in Organs such as Prostates and Testicles

  • Other Male Specific Health Concerns
    Assessment Diagnosis and Treatment of
    (a) Delayed Puberty in Boys
    (b) Male Factor Infertility
    (c) Male Menopause(d) STDs such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Genital Herpes etc

  • Procedural Care
    Surgery and Aftercare for
    (a) Circumcisions
    (b) Vasectomies

Our Medical Officer



Men's Health Medical Officer

MBBS (India)

DRM (M'sia) | WHO Fellow in Clinical Andrology (Australia)

MMC: 23619

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