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Damai Service Hospital (HQ) Data Protection Compliance

- Damai Service Hospital (HQ) follows a Personal Data Protection Act.
- This policy explains how we use and protect your personal information. 

Giving Consent
- By sharing your personal information with us, you're agreeing to let us use it according to this policy.

What Data We Collect
- We may collect a wide range of personal information, like your name, birthday, email, medical details, and even your food preferences.

Why We Need Your Data
We use your data for various reasons like:
- To fulfil contracts or services with you.
- For medical treatments.
- To manage payments.
- For research and marketing.
- To comply with legal requirements.
How We Collect Data
- We get your information directly from you, from forms you fill out, phone calls, emails, and even from CCTV cameras.

Your Rights
- You can ask to see, correct, or limit how we use your personal data. 
- Contact details for each facility are provided if you need to make any of these requests.
Compulsory Data
- Some information is mandatory for us to collect. If you don't provide it, we might not be able to provide our services to you.

What Happens If You Don’t Provide Data
- Failing to give required information could result in issues like not being able to complete transactions or receive medical treatments.

Who We Share Data With
- We may share your data with other entities in our group, healthcare providers, banks, insurance companies, and even your employer in some cases.

Data Protection
- We make sure to keep your data safe and secure. Only people who need to see your data can access it.

Third-Party Data
- If you give us data about someone else, like a next of kin, make sure they know and agree to our policy.

International Data Transfer
- We may send your data outside Malaysia, and by using our services, you’re okay with this.

Keeping Data Accurate
- Make sure the data you give us is correct and up-to-date.

Minors and Special Persons
- For minors or people who can’t manage their own affairs, we need consent from a parent, guardian, or legal representative.

Changes to Policy
- We may update this policy, and we’ll let you know when we do. Keep using our services means you agree to any changes.

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